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What is Leverage?
Leverage offers a one-stop secure website service at www.leveragecard.com. You can purchase gift cards online from 200+ leading brands, including your favorite restaurants, airlines, hotels, retailers and service providers. When you go to Leverage, they provide you with other benefits. For FREE! You can swap gift cards you don’t want for the ones you do. Leverage also provides a way to track your gift card balances and loyalty/rewards programs points. And they’ll even pay you interest on those gift card balances!

How do I donate to Operation Smile using Leverage?
It’s simple. For every gift card purchased on behalf of Operation Smile when using promo code OS100, Leverage will donate fifty percent of their net profits. And they don’t charge us or you any special fees. Click on the Leverage banner below. Once you have followed the instructions to register and create an account, you are ready to start shopping for some great gift cards and help us raise money for Operation Smile at the same time! Remember to use promo code OS100 at check out.

When can I donate?
  That’s the beauty of it. You can donate 24 hours/7 days a week. Because Leverage is a web-based company, you can shop at your convenience. No standing in lines. No gasoline expense. No upfront cost. No problem.




What is Fundent?
Fundent brings together local dentists and organizations to help both entities by raising money for the organization and by introducing new patients to the doctor. Your local Fundent dentist will provide you all the necessary tools for a successful fundraiser at no cost to your organization. Your organization will have Fundent kits to sell to your family and friends. In these kits is a toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, sugarless gum and other dental related products deemed appropriate by your sponsoring dentist. The highlight of the dental kit is a gift certificate to the sponsoring Fundent dentist. This gift certificate may be used for any dental services available in the doctor's office. Schedule an appointment with the dentist for a routine cleaning, x-rays, fillings, crowns, orthodontics or maybe even the latest in whitening techniques.

FundentWhy Fundraise with Fundent?
Fundent is a fundraising partnership between your organization and a local dentist in your community. Many organizational fundraisers offer little benefit to the buyer and a low financial return to the organization. With Fundent your organization earns 100% of the revenue from all kits sold! Additionally, with Fundent your organization has no cost in obtaining the product as the sponsoring local Fundent dentist provides these kits at no charge to the organization!

How does Fundent work?
First, you will receive your Fundent dental kits from your local Fundent dentist. Each kit contains all your basic dental needs, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and sugarless gum. The dental gift certificate amount is determined by your local Fundent dentist and a brochure about the local Fundent dentist will also be included. The organization then sells the kits to family and friends at a price determined by the organization (suggested price is $25 per kit) and 100% the money goes straight to the organizations bank account. All checks are written straight to the organization and there is little to no overhead for the group to sell the Fundent kits. We recommend that each member of your organization be responsible for selling no more than 2-4 Fundent kits.

Becoming a Fundent Organization.
If you are interested in selling Fundent kits as a fundraiser for your organization, please contact your Fundent dentist or call Fundent, Inc. at 1.972.679.1433. We will match your organization with a local Fundent dentist.



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